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Evening. As an amateur in the professional field, I dare try my hardest to be serious as I welcome you to my blog teeming solely with pieces of works - most of them delving in the traditional media as I have yet to wet my toes in the digital world. Most tragic, but no fears here. With a spoonful of optimism, perhaps this student can get somewhere through a few transitions from sketches to big works. Practice never killed anybody besides test-takers of bulletproof anythings.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Father Time - concept design studies

EDIT - finished at last
For a character design project we currently have for Digital Illustration, I bothered to suck it up and try my hardest to try and at least make my work look like something someone would have spewed out with the intention to look (oh what is the word) "classy"? The concept of Father Time in myth has always been something that stuck to me and so I bothered to play around with the idea.

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