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Evening. As an amateur in the professional field, I dare try my hardest to be serious as I welcome you to my blog teeming solely with pieces of works - most of them delving in the traditional media as I have yet to wet my toes in the digital world. Most tragic, but no fears here. With a spoonful of optimism, perhaps this student can get somewhere through a few transitions from sketches to big works. Practice never killed anybody besides test-takers of bulletproof anythings.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Father Time and the Whole World - unfinished

unfinished process piece so far
Just placing Father Time in an environment and there is no other place I could well imagine him being in except for the world above our own; breaking, slicing, summoning, giving our world the time it needs is his specialty. Where else to put a god at if not on top of our earth?
First time working digitally on a full piece.


  1. D8

    Seriously, my mouth hung open for the first minute I stared at this beauty!!

    Mrrr. Andi, you make such lovely, amazingtastical things~!!

    If this is what you can do on first-try, I look forward to seeing what you do upon experimenting more in digital works~ <3
    (and seeing what this could possibly look like finished!)

    And fancy little glowy-bug there. Is it just a random inhabitant flying by, or connected with Father Time?

  2. Argh, even your digital work is amazing! But I love anything with a spectacular glow to it and this has defiantly got some glow! My brain is already extremely impressed, can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done.