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Evening. As an amateur in the professional field, I dare try my hardest to be serious as I welcome you to my blog teeming solely with pieces of works - most of them delving in the traditional media as I have yet to wet my toes in the digital world. Most tragic, but no fears here. With a spoonful of optimism, perhaps this student can get somewhere through a few transitions from sketches to big works. Practice never killed anybody besides test-takers of bulletproof anythings.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Invierno - first batch

Beginning ideas for a concept I wish to bring to life, may it be through the power of a graphic novel series, collaboration, or written works under the title: Invierno.
Summary is quite simple:
In the Winter dimension, the young ice warlock Invierno Heen must take her place as ruler of Dessemberzan, Winter's grand domain. But in order to do so she must stop her childish-but-mad sibling Sigmo from stealing away what is rightfully hers as well as his takeover of all Winter's kingdoms, meaning to become the almighty maharani. It is all a bloody race of power to see who takes over in the finale, delving into the histories of the tarnished wizards of light that once ruled their world, the redeemed slaves that make up the kingdom of the human race, wretched family histories, all that jazz.
Here's a load of sketches and comics I first did in my sketchbook when pondering over the idea.

Invierno Heen is the young princess who is the destined ruler of Winter - a powerful ice warlock who will take what is hers by force. This comic was when I wanted to get more "in the zone" between the main protagonist (Heen) and the main antagonist, her mad blood brother Invierno Sigmo.
They tend to clash quite a lot.

Below are first sketches as Heen's design is supposed to be simple yet messy and not the very "classic" definition of ladylike.

In come the "Pendulum" first sketches. Awkward-looking light wizards who care only for one another and nobody else. Second sketch above is a draft of the main Pendulum children, leftovers from a rather cruel history yet hanging in there and later Heen's allies; below is a light wizard battling the vicious ruler of the mortals, Queen Kago.

Queen Kago is supposed to look very young, very plain, yet god forbid you threaten her rule.

These are but the beginning pieces done over the last school months. More are on the way. Stay tuned!

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